A Day On The Lawn

One of my goals for this summer was to be in a show or art fair. I was told by a friend that I should apply to be in  'Art on The Lawn' here in Cache Valley. I decided it's a perfect first show, small, one day and really close to home so it would be easy for me to get my booth set up. I sent a link to my website to the organizer and was accepted right away. Now the work began. I needed business cards, a sign, and some type of display to hold my products. I had been working with someone to design a logo for me and I was excited to get my business cards printed. 

This became the chosen logo design.  

It wasn't long until we had a great design that I think fit my personality and be a great logo. I now had to decide the font and design of the card. The font we took from my website something I thought fit well with my design aesthetics simple, clean and classic. 

This be the name of my studio & was printed on my sign.

I had a business card I liked from a coffee shop in SLC, natural paper and black ink. I really liked that raw look and decided it contrasted well with my colorful weavings. The print shop used the divider board that was between the reams of paper to print my cards on, a thick craft paper. I couldn't wait to see the final product.

My finished business card.

I saved pictures of a few displays racks, tweaked a few things and came up with what I thought would work great. The tricky part is building something that is strong enough to stand up on its own and still be taken apart to move (it had to fit into the vehicle). I drew up plans and talked to some trusted friends about construction methods and got the darn things built. The stain was drying the week of the fair.  

My booth before others came to join me. 

I was a beautiful day and the weather could not have been better. I had great comments on my products and sold enough to make it all worthwhile. I had a great experience at 'Art on the Lawn'. I am looking for more shows to do around Utah.


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