Inspiration comes in from a photo

Sometimes you just see something and say, "Oh I love those colors. I just have to do something with them." Well, I received a note card from a neighbor who does a good bit of traveling. Her husband does great photos, and it was a great photo on the notecard that sent me to my studio to start selecting fibers and yarns. 

Istanbul Spice Market
I had received a new spring bundle from Greenwood Fiberworks, the color way was Tiger Lily. The bundles would go with the colors I had selected. So now i could play with different ways to spin them to get different effects. There were 5 one ounce bundles. I decided to spin some of each of the 3 bundles separately and save a small amount to use as a 3 color progression.  

Red, Orange, Yellow
I took the other 2 colors and spun each of those into singles. I liked the dark burgundy but was afraid the fuchsia would be too bright. I came up with the idea to ply these two colors together and it turned into something fantastic. 

Burgundy and Fuchsia

Now to weave all these fun yarns and throw a few treasures into the mix. Lots of fun for the weeks ahead. 

The Adventure Begins


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