Back to School, Back to Weaving!

I decided after everyone was back in school that it was my time to focus on Weaving everyday. I had the warp on my inside set that I had done in LA. I was excited to see how the colored warp played with the yarns I chose to use as weft. It was also fun to see the effect of the skipped dents in the finished weaving. I loved the way it turned out. I was able to get a 2 meter scarf and a wallhanging out before the warp was gone. A sad day!
The scarf from the warp I wound in LA.

Details from the scarf
I quickly got out the second warp I wound in LA, the blue and green one. It was a quiet day, and I decided to turn on some good music and see if I could remember everything Laura showed me in LA. I had success. A few things I had to look up, but I successfully wound my second warp! 
The blue with some skipped dents to create a loosely woven fabric.
I was able to get two 2 meter lengths each with a different look as I played with different wefts on each one. Once again the end came too soon and I was out of warp! 
The blue scarves as they are hanging to dry. 
I have now put a ready-made, 150 thread black warp on my loom. I needed to do that so I could say I was successful in doing almost everything I learned in LA a second time while I was home. I now need to wind my own warp, and then I will have done it all. 


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