Weaving, Cutting, and Sewing OH MY!

My goals for May were to weave everyday and to create things out of my weavings. Ok so the first thing I created didn't involve cutting or sewing but it was a first. I made a wallhanging and I gave it away. It was the first weaving that I made and gave away. I will treasure the time I spent creating this and the friendship I had with the ones I gave it to. 

After the rain the rainbow appears.

Rainbow Banner

Next I took on the simple task of creating new pillows for our family room. Something I have made many times so the sewing and cutting should be simple so the focus can be on the weaving. I think it turned out great. A simple color combination of reds, blues, and white. 

Before the cutting and sewing

The finished pillow, I decided I wanted to keep the fringe as an accent
The next project was a bigger challenge, something I could wear. I look through the SAORI sewing books and selected the Draped Collar Vest from the beginning SAORI clothing book that I thought would be a good project to start with. The challenge is to adjust the sizes to fit a 5'10" american instead of a 5'2" asian women. 

The woven fabric drying before I make the first cut!

I measured, pinned and tried it on. Did a few adjustments and then the fun began. I should have taken pictures but I was so worried about what I was doing to stop and take photos. 

My first finished garment.

It turned out great and it was fun to see where there different woven patterns fall in the cut garment design. I decided again to use the fringe as a design element. 

It is a challenge to not weave to a specific project but to just weave and let the fabric tell you what it should become. 

Weaving on the SAORI loom, just creating without intent.

I have a narrow weaving that says it needs to be little bags and small pillows so that will be on the cutting block next. Right now I'm looking for ideas for the bags. 

It will be fun to see what becomes. 


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