It's not always as we plan

Sometimes we have plans but life has different plans for us. The day before we were to fly out to LA for a spring break trip, we lost a wonderful man, my father-in-law, to a sudden heart attack. Plans suddenly changed, tears were shed, and flights were rearranged. 

At times like this weaving is my comfort. I had packed all the stuff away for the remodel, and my loom was in need of a warp. Laura from SAORI LA to the rescue. I emailed her and had her send me a 200 thread 30 meter warp threaded on a new inside set that I simply set into my loom. I dug through some boxes and found peaceful blues and green and set off to weave. The stress of life just faded away and I found my happy place for awhile.

It was a joy to weave such peaceful colors over the last week to provide a comfort in my life.
The remodel is over and I spent the last weeks of April putting together a wonderful place to spend the day weaving and spinning. I'm surrounded by light and lots of inspiration. May brings with it the promise of new life. That is what I am thinking of as I plan my weaving and spinning.


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