It's a mess!

What is the saying, "Sometimes you have to make it worse to make something better." Well, we are sure making it worse right now. We decided to remodel our basement with 2 things in mind, one to make it function better as a studio for me and a family room for our family, and the other was to make the once really bad bathroom a lot better. Well, that meant all my fiber had to get packed away to keep it free from the dust and debris associated with a remodel. 

lots of dust and dirt!

We are now on week four and it has been a lot more dust and debris than I thought. I can see the end now, but it is still a week or 2 away. I am writing this blog post while sitting at Starbucks to stay out of the mess. It will be great when it is done, but boy I can't wait to unpack those boxes of fiber and get spinning and weaving again. Until then, this is what I have. 

A drop spindle and some fiber!

I will be leaving all this behind on Friday for a 5 day trip to California and a visit to SAORI LA. I am spending time with Laura to learn how to thread a pre-made warp and make my own warp. It will be great to see her studio and visit with her in person. I hope I have enough extra space in my luggage to bring back lots of treasures. 


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