Sheep, Sheep and More Sheep

At my local library I found a great book, The Fleece & Fiber Source Book more than 200 fibers from Animal to Spun Yarn, by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius. I have found my challenge! I am working on my own study of the sheep breeds I have available to me. I am starting with prepared roving in natural colors common to the breed. 

Baskets of Fleece wanting to be spun

So far I have Merino, Corriedale, Romney, Blue Faced Leicester, Lincoln Long Wool, Romeldale, Cormo, Polwarth and Jacob. The plan is to spin 2oz. of each fiber and to then knit samples to find out what characteristics I like the best for different types of knitting. The book and an online class taught by Deb Robson have given me some help in what I should be looking for and what to expect from each of these fibers. I just want to try it out myself and see what I like to spin best. I am learning a lot more about the different breeds of sheep then I ever thought, one thing I found interesting is that the more we support the art of spinning and fiber production in these animals the more likely some of these animals will be around in the future.


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