Fall and Fiber

It is a cool rainy day and I am sitting waiting for the UPS truck to arrive at my door. My new Kromski Sonata wheel is on it and today is the prefect day to sit and spin. I have time since I quickly did all my work earlier this week in anticipation of the wheel arriving today. Now I just hope it doesn't show up at 5pm!

Kromski Sonata in Walnut
My wheel arrived at 1pm and I was spinning on it by 3pm. It was easy to unpack and really quick to set up. I will probably wait until after the weekend for some quiet time for just me and my wheel and some nice  BFL fiber to spin. But for now I am happily trying out little bits and pieces of fiber just to get the feel for the wheel and how it all works.

I was given 2 pounds of Bluefaced Leicester BFL roving as a freebie with my wheel. A pound in oatmeal and a pound in brown, I am starting with the oatmeal. The fleece is a longer fiber then I have worked with before usually between 3-6 inches in length. It feels really soft to the touch so I am looking forward to spinning it. I will post pictures of the first spool and the first skein of yarn I spin.


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