Not that type of spinning

So I realized I needed to clarify a few things when I was talking to people. 

First, when I say "fiber" I don't mean the type you eat. Although that is important it is not the type I want to be creative with. I am talking about the plants, and animal fiber that you can spin into yarn. I have started with wool but will soon be off onto other animal or plant fiber. 

Second, when I say "spinning" I don't mean the type you do in a gym on stationary bikes. (I would rather ride outside) I mean the type you do on a spinning wheel or drop spindle that takes the "fiber" and turns it into yarn.

My First skein of handspun 

Now that we have that all clear lets talk about my adventure in spinning! I decided on a whim to take a spinning class at the local yarn shop "Knit Unique" in Logan, Utah. It was summer, I wasn't taking any statistics classes so why not something fun, something new, something with fiber. Well, first I was thinking this is fun but I will just buy my yarn. Then after the 2 hours of drop spindle I thought hey not bad. But, after the 2 hours on the spinning wheel I was hooked. I am still practicing on my drop spindle because I haven't decided on the perfect wheel yet. 


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