Students At Sagebrush Studio

One of my goals for the new year was to become a registered SAORI weaving studio. In November of last year I sent off a request to Japan to get the information needed to apply. I received a nice email from Akiko Jo of SAORI-NO-MORI with the information I needed. One of many things needed was pictures of students in my studio and also their weavings.

I called upon my neighbor and friends to be my first 'students'. One of the goals of my studio will be to bring SAORI weaving to the schools or at least school aged children. I had my loom set up with a simple black warp so they could just come and weave anything that made them happy.

Brother and sister sharing the job of weaving.
My neighbors children are 6 and 4, the perfect age to learn something new. They spent an hour weaving, had a great time and created something special. Kate and Forrest worked great together, each one taking a turn at doing the different jobs of weaving. They shared at selecting the yarns and the special treasures to add in. They added fluffy clouds, sparkly yarns and lots of color.

Kate and Forrest with the SAORI Smile. 
When I had my open house a friend said her daughter wanted to come but couldn't. So Christine was my next student. As a seventh grader, she it would give me experience with different ages. Christine was a little quiet and shy at first but she quickly found a rhythm and before long she was weaving away. After showing her one time, she was advancing the warp when she need without me saying a word.

Relaxing into the rhythm of the weaving.
Christine liked choosing a bobbin and weaving until it ran out. She was surprised at how much she wove when we removed her weaving from the loom. Her smile says it all.  Three students and each one created something special with that simple black warp.

Kristen showing off her weaving and her smile.

The other thing I needed for the application was a name, a website and an email. String Studio, which I had been using, wasn't going to work.  The website name was used by a string instrument studios.  It became a family activity to 'help Mom name her studio.' A lot of names come and went but Sagebrush Studio just felt right. Sagebrush has a natural beauty that just fit with SAORI to me. The name is now officially Sagebrush Studio, Freestyle Weaving and Fiber Arts (SAORI Weaving and Fiber Arts) when my application is accepted by SAORI-NO-MORI. 


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