July the month of Touring and Traveling

The first week of July was the start of the Tour de Fleece, the spinning event that follows the Tour de France; the flat days are long, the hills are challenging, and the time trials are for speed. I tried to spin every day, even while traveling. I was on the Greenwood Fiberworks team and spun some great color ways from Carolyn and a few fun batts. The results are below. 

In Mid July we finally made our delayed trip to LA. I was able to visit SAORI studio LA to meet Laura Roveda. I had a great time and learned a lot. I came away very inspired to continue on my SAORI journey. 

The warp being threaded on the heddle at SAORI studio LA.

My goal for this trip was learning to warp the SAORI loom with a ready-made warp and to wind my own warp. In order to do this, I needed to bring my inside set with me. This is one of the unique features of the SAORI loom. The heddles and reed are a set that comes out and can be changed. Bringing an inside set on a airplane was another interesting thing. The challenges were: its size was larger than would fit under the seat; it was fragile, and It needed to be able to be opened if TSA agents decided to check it out. I decided if it looked like a tote bag, I might be able to get it on without questions, so I created a bubble mailer & duct tape travel tote bag. On the outside I put a picture of an inside set and my business card. I got it to LA and home without any problems, and one flight attendant commented how neat it was. 

My inside set bubble mailer tote bag.
Now to head into August with some new yarn and some new skills. I'm ready to weave everyday!


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