Weaver to Weaver 2015

I started out 2015 with the goal to be more active in the weaving community. I saw a Facebook post from Terri Bibby of Salt Spring SAORI about an opportunity to be part of a weaver to weaver exchange, I jumped at the chance to meet people and gain inspiration for weaving. Weaver to Weaver 2015 (W2W2015) is where you gather things that give you inspiration in your weaving, put them in a small envelope, and send them off to the person whose name you were given. 

After sending my name to Meg in Nelson, I waited to be given a name of the person I would send my little envelope of inspriation to. I received 2 names Margery at she treadles, and sampling These are the little packages I sent along to them.
My Utah inspiration

 My Thailand inspiration 
Then I waited to receive my little packages of inspiration. I wasn't long and the first package from Margery arrived in Logan. There were all types of treasures from her recent vacation in Florida, I loved all the colors and the natural elements she sent. 
W2W 2015 package #1
Soon I receive the second package from Terri Bibby of Salt Spring Saori. It had all types of texture and color that was fun to touch and look at. There was a nice note from Terri included in the package. I had just recently meet Terri at her Studio on Salt Spring Island, BC. So it was fun to receive this package from her. 
W2W 2015 package #2
These wonderful little treasures arrived and then had to be packed away to keep them safe from the remodel dust and debris that were going to happen in the next few weeks. They will be special treasures to unearth when the dust clears and I can set up my new studio space. 

Thank you both Margery and Terri 


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