SAORI studio visit

A visit to SAORI Salt Spring, and a day with Terry Bibby, was a great way to end 2014. 
Sun is setting as we arrive at the ferry dock.

Honeysuckle Cottage B&B retreat, where we stayed while at Salt Springs SAORI Studio

The smile of joy weaving on a SAORI loom

Working on my clasp weft technique

3 color clasp weft on a SAORI Loom

Feather Plying technique

My first piece completed on a SAORI loom
Terri Bibby was a great teacher and it was so much fun to visit her studio and weave on a SAORI loom for the first time. I am sure this will not be the last time I weave on a SAORI loom and it will hopefully be the first of many visits to Salt Spring Island.


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