The Untangling continues . . . . .

The year started and so did my new adventures. I have change the name of the blog, created business cards, and continued to untangle where I am going. I have spun lots of colorful fiber.

It was fun to try out lots of different spinning techniques with the different color braids. 

Different combinations of braids to make some very fun yarn.

Then when summer started so did my adventure into different types of weaving. I was able to take a rigid heddle weaving class while on vacation in Seattle, Washington. Then when we came home and the adventure into weaving continued. 

The adventure continued with my discovery of SAORI weaving a type of freestyle weaving. I am starting my adventure into SAORI inspired weaving on my rigid heddle loom. I am hoping to get a SAORI loom in 2015.

The color inspiration, about half are my handspun yarns. There are also five different sheep breeds used in these yarns. 

Trying out different design techniques. This will end up as a Mobius scarf.

The finished scarf. 


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